Fashion that is Breaking the Norm

Simone Westerlund and Rylie Nupcharoen

During the passing periods of Sehome, when students are weaving through lanes of people in order to get to class, familiar faces pop up, and many blend in. That being said, some are noticed through their creative fashion choices and style. We talked to some students whose fashion choices stand out in the hallways, in the best way possible.

Ryan Doran (12) poses in Tyler the Creator gear at the ‘Golf Shop.’

Mustafa Arif (11), would describe his style to be, “inspired by philly and drippy.” Arif can be seen flaunting some of his favorite brands such as Gucci, True Religion, Champion, or Tommy Hilfiger. Arif’s style is inspired by Philly [Philadelphia], rappers, and his homies. “Through my clothing, I want to portray that I’m different, or that I stand out. Honestly, people need to stop blending in,” Arif said.

Another student that expresses themselves through clothing is a senior, Ryan Doran. Doran is inspired by, “edgy instagram girls and ASAP Rocky, because he’s hot,” Doran said. “This is me and it doesn’t matter what other people think. My fashion is different. My style is a mix of I don’t give a f***,” Doran said. The advice that Doran would give to anyone about fashion is to, “dress in a way that your grandparents wouldn’t like.” 

Senior Adrian vant’ Hoog poses with fashionable Zebra cowboy hat.

Adrian van’t Hoog (12) believes that style should be defined more as what an individual feels good in. “For anyone, I would say that it’s important to wear clothes that make you look and feel good. I get confidence from feeling like I’m expressing myself and doing something unique that empowers me,” van’t Hoog said. Through his clothing, van’t Hoog wants to express his artistic process and emotion, in a unique way. “I mainly shop at Value Village. But when I travel, I always like to bring something back, as a unique souvenir. I also really like vintage sportswear, like Tommy Hilfiger,” van’t Hoog said. 

Rachel Lemmer (11) poses with artful accessories.

“I just wear what makes me happy. I used to think about what others think, now that’s not important. I think it’s good to try new things,” Rachel Lemmer (11) said. Lemmer believes it’s important to express yourself, “wear what you want to wear. Even if people say something different,” Lemmer said. “Honestly, I’m inspired by you [Rylie Nupcharoen]. And, I find a lot of style and outfit ideas on Pinterest. Lemmer believes it’s important to wear whatever you want to wear, “I would say, don’t be afraid to be unique. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much.”

Bella Rutledge’s (12) style is unique, and “inspired by Emma Chamberlain. I don’t really like her anymore, though,” Rutledge said. “I want my style to say I’m unique and that I’m confident in who I am and I’m okay with being different. My friends give me a lot of confidence, I’m already tall and stand out so I might as well go ahead and embrace it regardless.” Rutledge explained that she likes mixing old and new, and also buys a lot of her clothing from Value Village. 

The main point that many of our fashion experts mentioned was the confidence that they feel when they wear what they feel good in. They described how important it is to feel supported by your friends, and go out of your comfort zone every once in a while.