Wait…Who was on Bill Nye?


Where is Snyder? - If you watch this video, you will see Bill Nye ask Snyder how he’d make a toilet greener. Snyder (middle) says, “Well, paint.”

Marissa Douglas, Reporter

There have been rumors around Sehome High School about several teachers who have been on Bill Nye the Science Guy’s show. Some rumors did end up being false, but others were spot on. Not one, but two of Sehome’s beloved teachers have appeared on Bill Nye: Shawn Doan (science teacher), and Craig Snyder (band/social studies teacher). Neither had huge parts, but they are stars in the hearts of the Sehome community. While this is not recent news, Snyder’s episode aired June 7, 2015 and Doan’s was filmed in the mid 1990’s, both Bill Nye the Science Guy encounters were not what you may have expected. 

In the premier episode of “Planet Green’s” series “Stuff Happens” (hosted by Bill Nye), Nye goes to the streets to ask civilians how they can make their toilets greener. The first person asked, in the aired version of the show, is Sehome’s very own Snyder. Snyder hesitates and then says, “Well, paint.” While Nye may have wanted to know how to make a toilet ecologically greener, the students of Sehome appreciated Snyder staying true to himself. It’s unsure if Snyder was joking with Nye or is considering painting toilets green, neither of with student Anna Hidalgo (11) was surprised by. Hidalgo said, “He’s always been the same ol’ guy, y’know? And that’s what I think made it funny was how similar he was in that video vs now.” Our thanks go out to Snyder for giving us a laugh. If you’d like to view his appearance, the video is posted to his YouTube account and can be seen using the link below.



Still don’t see Doan? – If you look in the background at 16:50 and 17:14, you can see Doan on the left side of the video. Doan’s moments on the episode were, “true but insignificant”, said Doan but his time researching was interesting.

While aboard the DSV Alvin (submarine), Doan studied the deep-sea floor off California with Dr. Craig Smith, a biologist and Doan’s Thesis Advisor. Thanks to Doan and the rest of Smith’s Alvin research team, Smith discovered the first whale-fall ecosystem and wrote a well detailed thesis on it (whale fall is when a whale carcass sinks to the ocean floor and creates an ecosystem similar to the ecosystems at mid-ocean ridges). Bill Nye and his crew saw this research worthy of being featured on an episode and went to film the DSV Alvin. Sadly, due to a death in Nye’s family, he was out of town during the filming that Doan can be spotted in. Doan never actually met Nye, but he can be seen in the background of an episode, the name of which Doan had previously kept a secret but has chosen to disclose to the Rising Tide: Bill Nye the Science Guy, season 5, episode 9: Ocean Exploration. The section about the DSV Alvin starts 13:53 into the show. 


Sehome’s Snyder and Doan’s moments of fame were brief but still significant. It’s rare to know just one person who has been on a show as influential as Bill Nye the Science Guy. To have two teachers at our very own school who can be seen on Bill Nye is exceptional. You can contact us on our Instagram @therisingtidenews if you have stories of other teachers who had a moment in the spotlight.