Football Comeback


Felipe Arreola lines up on defense as the outside linebacker with his eyes on the other team's quarterback.

Graham Glendening, Reporter

Lucas Lehn (11) plays defensive line on the football team. He is also planning on playing lacrosse in the spring of this year, but in year’s past he was on the track and field team. “This season is a success. We have won our last four games and Bellingham recently forfeited. Our record is 6 and 2 for the regular season,” Lehn said. With the loss of 17 seniors, the football team may be smaller this year but had quite the freshman turnout. “It’s nice to see so many freshman stepping up and being able to fill some lost positions,” Lehn said. Lehn is happy with the season so far and is looking forward to postseason games. He is also ready to see how the freshman handle the pressure of high stake games.

Felipe Arreola (11) is an outside linebacker on the football team and he trains for football in the off-season. Students have been coming in droves to the football games as the team has gotten better and more successful. “We started playing more as a team and playing with joy and passion,”Arreola said. Arreola, like Lehn, mentioned how big the freshman turnout was after the loss of so many seniors. He is confident that the team will make a comeback in the following seasons.

The football team may have struggled in previous years with low turnout and confidence, but now they are stronger than ever and they are playing as a cohesive group. Sehome football is destroying competition like West Seattle, where the score was 40-0. Tim Malo (11), a wide receiver on the team, had three touchdowns. Everyone on the team got to play in a memorable game for all of Sehome football along with its parents and fans.