Winter in October?

Amazon rain forests burning in August 2019

Amazon rain forests burning in August 2019

Gabriel Colman, Reporter

What is happening with the climate nowadays? This October, we have had some pretty low temperatures, and even some snow. Climate change is a topic that people should be worried about, or at least some Sehome High School students and staff members believe that.

 Throughout the past year, concerning incidents have occurred like the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest and the record high and low temperatures in Chicago and Australia. Here in Bellingham, people are going out to the streets and striking for political action.

Companies like Puget Sound Energy are responding to concerns by stating they will switch to renewable energy by 2020. In a quote, they said, “We’re reducing our carbon footprint by getting out of coal, using more clean energy, and advancing cleaner transportation.”

As influential companies take the steps towards a better future, students in the Sehome community are also taking bold efforts. In Environmental Club, representative Josie Dew (12) has taken some small steps towards a greener future, “This is the biggest issue our country and the world is facing, but we have some solutions like meatless Mondays, reducing carbon footprints, carpooling, beach clean-ups, strike for political action and of course supporting the green new deal,” Dew said.

Even though it seems like the world might be falling apart because of climate change, people can still find resources and take action to fight climate change together for a brighter future.