Freshman Experience

Jacob Alexander and Rylie Nupcharoen

At Sehome High School, we pride ourselves by accepting new students with open arms. With programs like Mariner Mentors, we try and make the transition into their first year of high school as smooth as possible, give them lots of resources, and create connections so they have people to lean on. This is an insider on some of the freshmen experiences within their first couple weeks of the school year.

Zack Munson (9) has been enjoying his high school experience so far. Munson likes his ceramics, orchestra, and anchor classes. “The transition from middle school to high school has not been that hard,” Munson said. “Obviously there’s more work but it doesn’t feel that much different yet.”

Another Freshman, Audrey Rolasko (9), has also felt apart of the Sehome community and is happy with her year so far. “I like criminology,” Rolasko said, “because it’s fun and interesting.”

Marley Heinz (9) has felt pretty good about her high school experience. “It’s not as difficult as expected,” Heinz said. She likes having more opportunities for freedom and responsibility for herself. Heinz expressed looking forward to more, saying, “I really like it so far, everyone is pretty nice, like the students and teachers.”

Maya Sargent (9) found her first couple of weeks to be less scary than she had expected it would be, she said it’s different from middle school because, “There’s less control,” in regards to the adults and she likes it more because, “There’s less drama and you get to choose your own path unlike in middle school.”

Kinoah Mitchell (9) said his year has been, “Pretty solid,”finding it to be, “a lot better than middle school.” He feels it is an opportunity for more freedom, which brings more class options and more work. Kinoah said, “I feel like I know the the Sehome building better than Fairhaven.” He looks forward to graduating the most and, “being able to get out of here.”