New Beginnings


Casey Crocker and Thomas Davenport

Sehome’s new school is finally complete. The new school features various modern facilities, including brand new turf football, softball, baseball, and soccer fields. While the latter two fields are completely finished and usable, the football field and the softball field remain restricted for most students.

 Authorized permission must be granted by a staff member for entrance to the football field according to Collin Cushman, Sehome’s Athletics Director. The field is also restricted from hosting certain events currently, due to the unfinished track, and the minimal seating facing the field. “The new field is very convenient for us.” Jeffery Wood, one of the Sehome football coaches said. “All our guys are super excited about playing on the field. C team is currently the only team that plays games on the field though, the seating is too minimal for varsity games.” 

The new turf softball field is not currently being used to its full potential as well because it is still under construction. “We’re getting close to completion,” Cushman said. “The softball fields, which will be the last to be completed, are going to be done near the end of October and that’s assuming we have lots of bad weather and the building process is hindered.” Cushman also spoke about the girls soccer team, and their current field arrangements. “As of now we can play soccer on the upper and lower fields,” Cushman said. “This is due to the football team being gone on Fridays. We will actually be hosting a varsity soccer game on Thursday [September 26] on the lower field for the first time.” Cushman also spoke about the upper soccer field. “The upper field should be done today [September 24]. The nets just need to be put in and it will be fully operational.”