Homecoming: Commons vs. Gym


Annie Frost, Reporter

Homecoming. A time enduring and iconic high school tradition that has been around for decades at Sehome and nearly every other high school in America, always creates a buzz this time of year. From spirit week and the homecoming football game to picking out dresses and decorating the school, everyone seems to be invested in it. Year after year students look forward to the homecoming dance as one of the biggest school events of the year. But this year, something feels off; instead of being held in the gym like at past years at Sehome, homecoming is set to take place in the commons area. Many students have expressed their disappointment in the location choice or expressed their hopes of having it be moved to the gym. 

Josiah Chakra (10) said, “It should definitely be held in the gym. That’s where it’s always been, it’s part of the tradition.” Chakra not only stressed the nostalgic side of the issue but also brought up some valid safety concerns about the stairs in the commons, “I think the stairs might make the dance kind of awkward and it also seems pretty likely that someone could fall and get hurt, especially if it’s crowded and people are dancing,” said Chakra. The layout of the gym, however, seems to be a much safer and more controlled environment. The same opinion is expressed by Jenny Cooper (12). She says, “I think the vibe is much better in the gym, and it just makes more sense for the layout and the acoustics there,” said Cooper. 

Mrs. Kirk, the dean of students, explained the reasoning behind holding the homecoming dance in the commons instead of the gym, “One of the biggest concerns is shoes. We don’t want people’s heels and other shoes scuffing up the brand new floor of the gym, and asking people to go shoe-free did not seem like the best idea.” Kirk also brings up the issue of homecoming being held on a Friday night after a sporting event. It would be difficult to decorate and finish all preparations for the dance in the time between a basketball game and the dance. Additionally, “The gym has too many places and spaces where students could wander off to and it would require a lot more adult supervision,” said Kirk. The lack of supervision in itself is also an issue in the gym, whereas the commons provides areas where admin can sufficiently survey the event. However, Kirk assures any concerned readers that some of the complaints brought up after last year’s TOLO will no longer pose any problems. Included in these is the issue of lighting: students are working with staff to dim the lights on the lower floor to match the desired atmosphere. As for safety concerns surrounding the stairs, Kirk assures us that the DJ stage with be on the stairs meaning that, “…no one will be going up and down the stairs during the dance besides to enter and exit, so it shouldn’t be a problem,” Kirk said.

To conclude, the dance location will remain in the commons but that is no reason not to get excited and start prepping for one of Sehome’s most popular events of the year.