Club Fair 


Alaina Burrows, Reporter

This year at Sehome, students welcome some new clubs into the school and say goodbye to the old. On September 17th, the school held a club fair allowing people to showcase their clubs they are bringing to the school. During this fair, 30 clubs got to showcase the clubs purpose and recruit as many people as they could for this upcoming year. Some of these clubs included Lacrosse, FBLA, Robotics, Chess, Science Olympiad, and Hiking Club.The club fair is an opportunity to see all the chances you may have to meet new people and get involved in Sehome’s culture. 

Sehome is also going to welcome some new clubs into its community this year such as the Knowledge Bowl team lead by Carol Cozad, club advisor. This is a club where students can learn lots of new information and then take their knowledge and participate in competitions. In addition, we also have a returning club, hiking club. This club is the perfect pacific northwest club where you can go on lots of fun adventures and many cool hikes. Recently this club took a hike at Skyline Divide to kick of this years club. Last year many other hikes included  picnics at Clayton Beach, Fragrance Lake, and Oyster Dome. Going to the club fair gives freshman and other students at Sehome to sign up for these clubs, as well as clubs you may also be interested that are sport groups. 

Lacrosse at Sehome is not a Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA)  funded sport, instead it has private funding. This year the Sehome Lacrosse Team has grown significantly and will have a junior varsity team and varsity team. This is also a change considering lacrosse is not actually a school sport but a club. “Lacrosse is expensive to play and not all the schools have funding for it,” Luke Quinn (11), one of the representatives at the club fair said. “This makes having two teams this year tricky because the funding needed to play will increase significantly.” This will  make the club one of Sehome’s largest besides Science Olympiad. 

Sehome had many clubs showcased this year, here is the list below.

Key club- this club is a volunteer based club and allows students to seek out places they can earn volunteer hours to put on college applications and have good learning experiences.

QSA- The queer straught alliance club is a club where everyone can come together and hangout and play games.

Crochet club- This club is new to sehome and is a great place for a group of people with common interests to come together and crochet and hang out.All items made go to local homeless communities and cancer research and to the patients.

DIA-  Diversity in Action focuses on having a diverse group of people coming together and supporting each other while taking action on things they care about.

Zodiac- This may not be a club but it’s a great chance for students to spend a weekend on a boat with their peers exploring the San Juan islands.

PCO- The Peer Center Outreach club focuses on reaching out to all students at sehome who may feel as though they want extra help with different things happening in their life. 

Environmental Club- If you care about the environment, this is perfect for you, this clubs focuses on being aware of environmentally friendly choices that you can be making everyday. 

FBLA-  The Future Business Leaders of America is a club that focuses on teaching young adults skills they can use in the real world in business and learn lots of useful leadership skills. 

DECA- a competitive business and marketing club that focuses on people learning how to think critically and use the skills they have in competitions.

Chess club- The chess club is a great club that allows students to hang out with new people and play multiple games of chess while getting ready to compete with others.  

Drama- Drama Cub/ The thespians of Sehome work towards creating pieces of drama including monologues and scenes to compete in a regional competition alongside other schools.  

Choose to include- This club focuses on including all members of Sehome’s community by engaging in activities with the life skills program here, once a week during anchor students meet and play games and get a chance to meet people who they may normally not have classes with. 

Knowledge bowl- Sehome is also going to welcome some new clubs into its community this year, we now have a knowledge bowl team lead by Carol Cozad where students can learn lots of new information.

Robotics- Taking many wins last year this club focuses on a community of people learning to use science in a new way and learning how to apply skills you’ve learned into making useful items. 

Lacrosse-  As a sport and a club lacrosse is a privately funded sport at Sehome with a JV and varsity team this year.  

Science Olympiad-  a club that brings students of Sehome to participate in science events regardless of their experience, they compete at the regional competition bringing over 100 students to compete in the various events held there. 

Honors society- A volunteer heavy club that reaches out to local organizations and helps at various events around Bellingham. Different events have included blood drives, local races, and the Lynden fair.

Model UN- A club built towards a usually annual conferences where students are given countries that they are delegates to debate their country that they have been given concepts to argue with other delegates. 

Photography club-  Originally founded in march of 2018, photography club was built with the principles of building community through the simple act of taking photos together. They welcome students of all skill levels into our club, as long as you bring curiosity to learn. 

Club de Lectura- If you are earning above a B+ in a spanish class you may join this club and get a chance to grow your Spanish knowledge. 

Free Bananas Bible Study- if you like bananas this may be the club for you, while studying the bible you can enjoy a free banana.

Tea club- Although this club may not be continuing for much longer tea club meets in the morning and a group of sehomer students drink tea and hangout. 

Hiking club- If you are a student that likes the outdoors this is a perfect club for you this club meets about once a month and goes on various different hikes around the Bellingham area.