Spotlight on Senior Athletes

Meet our senior athletes going on to play sports in college

Wyatt Rothenbuhler, Sports Editor

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These are the athletes of Sehome High School that will be continuing their sports careers in college. All these athletes have worked extremely hard to get this opportunity; they have put in hours of blood, sweat, and tears. The Rising Tide recognizes this and wants to acknowledge them.

Smile Big: League Player of the year, Dylan Roberts (12) out here cheesin’.

Dylan Roberts (12) will be playing football at Linfield College next year. He has been playing football for 5 years. Roberts started his career at Fairhaven Middle School. “I fell in love with football because it’s a challenge, and I like being able to focus and work hard on something,” Roberts said. “Football takes so much preparation and the training is almost as much fun as playing the game”. One thing he is really looking forward to is the new environment and playing football again, but that is also what he is most nervous for. One piece of advice he has for athletes that want to continue their sports careers is to “Stay focused on just having fun and playing the game and try to soak in as much knowledge as possible”. His skills outside of football consist of being a great chef and a creative artist. Roberts also claims to be an animal whisperer. He is really grateful for this opportunity to keep playing football. “My favorite high school memory is beating Bellingham High School back to back my senior,” Roberts said. He scored a total 5 touchdowns in those two games.

Huddle up: Bryce Andrews (12) sharing his opinion with the referee about the last call.

Bryce Andrews (12) is another athlete that will be playing football in college. Andrews will be playing at Southwest Minnesota State University. He has been playing football for a total of 6 years. “I like football because I get really angry and I take that anger out on the football field,” Andrews said. He is feeling some nerves when it comes to meeting new people in college, but he is also looking forward to moving on with his life. Andrews is really going to miss his dog Jazz and cat named Worm. Andrew’s talents outside of football consist of rapping, semi-pro gaming, and dishwashing. He can also make incredible bird noises. Andrew’s advice for students that want to continue playing sports in college is, “Work hard every day, even when you don’t want to”. His favorite high school memory was blowing out Archbishop Murphy High School this year.

Heads Up: Mia Neil (12) smashes a sweet header in the 18 yard box against Lynden Christian this year.

Mia Neil (12) will be attending Fort Lewis College this fall and will be playing the sport she loves, soccer. Neil has been playing soccer for 13 out of her 18 years of life. She absolutely adores the sport. “I freaking love soccer,” Neil said. “I got introduced to it because both my older sisters played, then my dad started coaching my team, and I just loved it”. She hasn’t stopped loving it to this day. A tip from Neil for other athletes wanting to play in college is, “be persistent with coaches”. Neil has some interesting hobbies outside of soccer. She enjoys wrestling Anna Miller (12), inline skating, and wiping the floor at her CrossFit competitions. Overall Neil had one thing to say. “I’m excited to live in Durango and play the sport I love. I’m not nervous about anything because I’m a baller”.

Gooooooal!: Anna Miller (12) celebrates a goal with fellow teammate Sophia Pagnotta (12).

Anna Miller (12), another soccer player, will be going to Bryn Mawr College this fall. Miller has been playing soccer for 14 years and is extremely excited for the opportunity to keep playing. “My entire family plays soccer, so naturally I played too, and I’ve met so many fun people doing it,” Miller said. One tip Miller has for other athletes that want to play sports after high school is, “Start talking to coaches early, you can always decide later if you don’t want to play, and invest in a good Filmer to record you play,” Miller said. She is most excited for the independence she will have in college, but it’s also something she’s most nervous for. Some of Miller’s hobbies outside of soccer are slow motion walking, wrestling with Mia Neil, and making passable bird noises, but she can’t whistle and it’s not something she wants to talk about. Some of her favorite memories from high school are spray painting the rock on the side of I-5, accidently killing a fish in a prank gone wrong, and getting second place in state this year for soccer. “ Most of my favorite memories involve vandalism,” Miller said. 

Batter Up: Natalie Zender (12) hits a home run for Sehome High School.

Natalie Zender (12) will be attending Bellevue College this fall. She will be joining their fastpitch team. Zender has been playing fast pitch since she was in second grade. She fell in love with fastpitch after her first little league practice. Zender is looking forward to making new friends but is also feeling a little nervous, “I have mixed feelings about playing, I’m very excited to play at the next level, but sad to leave Sehome,” Zender said. Outside of her fastpitch career Zender has many other skills such as cool tricks with her pinkies, whistling and she is also among the 20% of the population that can wiggle their ears. Her favorite high school memory is illegally parking on the side of the freeway and painting the rock for fastpitch.  

Alive and Kickin’: Hannah Moore (12) is unstoppable as she cuts behind the defense to score a goal on Meridian High School.

Hannah Moore (12) will be attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco next year and playing soccer for them. Moore has been playing soccer for 14 years now, “I’m very excited to play because I’ve been injured for a year and a half and I’m really ready to get back,” Moore said. Moore has been recovering from an ACL and meniscus tear from a soccer game. Moore feels extremely lucky to have gotten to play with the teamates shes had, and the coaches she has gotten to play for, “They taught me how the game should be played, and I love it,” Moore said. A piece of advice Moore has for athletes that want to continue their sports career is, “Figure out where you want to go to college first and then see if you can play there,” Moore said, “Most of the time you can play there”. Even with all of her excitement, she’s still feeling a little stress, “I’m nervous to see how I’ll stack up against upperclassman again, but I’m ready for the challenge,” said Moore. Her favorite high school memory is ending Squalicum High School’s 50 game winning streak.  

Lukas Delisle (12) is going to be playing baseball at Olympic College. Delisle has been playing baseball for 15 years. “I just feel good when I play,” Delisle said. He first fell in love with baseball when he was playing catch with his dad at a young age. He continued his career at little league baseball and then here at Sehome High School. Now, he is ready for college and the opportunity to be living on his own. Some of Delisle’s talents outside of baseball are whistling, but only inward, and making TikTok videos. Delisles favorite high school memory is “Going viral on TikTok with the boys,” Delisle said.  

Baseball For Life: James Meader (12) poses with his bat and Sehome uniform.

James Meader (12) is another Sehome student that will be attending Bellevue College for baseball. This will be his 16th year playing. “I love baseball. It has taught me so many things I can use throughout my life,” Meader said. He is really looking forward to getting out of Bellingham and playing more baseball. Meader’s skills outside of baseball are being able to lick his elbow, making some amazing bird noises, if he tried to, and he is an incredible whistler. Meaders favorite high school memory is “When Evan Kingma would moan really loudly in the locker room and throw trash cans at the lockers,” Meader said.  

Making a Splash: Grace Kim (12) placed 3rd in the 100m Butterfly at the state competition this year.

Grace Kim (12) will be continuing her nine year swim career at Whitman College this fall. Kim, who broke the school record in the 100 meter breaststroke this year, tells future collegiate swimmers to make sure they “don’t just pick the college for the sport, consider all the factors.” Kim is excited to experience something new in swimming and is excited to meet new people. Not only is Kim a high level swimmer, she can also speak Korean and move only one eye at a time. However, she is still working on her whistling and bird noises. 

Dribble, Shoot, Score: Gracey Henock (12) dribbles looking for a better pass to move her team up the field.

The Colorado School of Mines Soccer Team is gaining Gracey Henoch (12) next year. Henoch has been playing soccer for 15 years and loves it because “it’s a complete escape from everything else around me,” Henoch said. She is excited to be in a place where everyone is as excited about STEM as she is and she’s very excited to finally fulfill her dream of playing collegiate soccer. “If you really want to play college sports, put the time and energy into it. Having full belief in yourself is a huge component to making your goal a reality,” Henoch said. Henoch’s favorite memory was “getting second at state this past year with the best team.” 

I Got It: Sedona Sargent (12) running to catch a pass from her teammate.

Sedona Sargent (12) will be playing LaCrosse at Colorado State University – Pueblo next fall. Sargent has been playing since sixth grade and fell in love with the sport because her friends drag her to practice every day. Among her LaCrosse talents, Sargent can also flare her nostrils and can almost lick her elbow. “I’m excited to move to a new state and compete at a competitive level, but I’m nervous to not know anyone,” Sargent said. Sargent’s favorite memory from High School was beating Lakeside her Freshman year after Lakeside beat them 19-1 the previous year. For people who want to play sports in college, “work hard and be a team player, assists are more important than goals,” Sargent said.  

Michael McLin (12) who’s been playing basketball for 16 years, will be continuing his career at Whatcom Community College. McLin tells future collegiate athletes to “grind and be focused, perfect your craft and put in time in the off season.” McLin is excited to play against good competition next year and is nervous for the new environment. “My favorite memory was team dinner at Austin Robert’s house when Logan Lyall started roasting Eddy,” McLin said. 

Eye of the Tiger: Savannah Smith (12) stares down her opponent before she pitches to her.

Savannah Smith (12) will be attending Skagit Valley College next year, where she will play softball. Smith has been playing for eight years and is happy and excited to continue into college. To prospective collegiate athletes, Smith advises they “Get exposed! Talk to all the coaches you can and always have a good attitude.” Her favorite high school sports memory was making it to state three years in a row. 

State Baby: Lucas Cunningham (12) launches himself over the finish line and gets second place in the 800 meter dash with a time of 1:55.95 seconds.

Lucas Cunningham (12), second place state champion in the 2A 800 meter run, will be running track and field and cross country at Pomona College next year. Cunningham has been running since sixth grade and is very excited to continue his running career. “I love the community that cross country brings, I fell in love with cross country and track when I ran track for the first time Freshman year and was immediately welcomed into a group of fun, caring and dedicated guys,” Cunningham said. Cunningham is excited to live somewhere sunny and compete at an advanced level, but nervous about getting really sunburned. “Make sure you consider academics when choosing schools to compete at, and to not be afraid to email or reach out to coaches,” Cunningham said for underclassmen looking to compete in collegiate sports. 

On Guard: Morgan Antico (12) uses his body to guard the ball from his opponent.

Morgan Antico (12) will be playing soccer at Whatcom Community College next year. Antico has been playing soccer for ten years and feels great about continuing his career. “You need to work hard,” Antico said to players who wish to play college soccer. Antico’s favorite memory from his high school career has been winning games and scoring goals. 

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