School’s out for summer

Students report their summer plans


Nikka Mongue

Sehome high school’s 2018-2019 school year is coming to a long awaited close and students can’t wait to get their summers started. One of the most popular things to do during summer break is travel, which is exactly what many students have planned. Others plan on staying here in Bellingham.  

For many students, their summers will consist of trips within the United states and even across the Globe. Mayhsa Deol (9) is finishing off her freshman year by going on a vacation with familyI’m going on a road trip down the West Coast because there’s lots of beautiful places along the way,” Deol said.   

With about 2 months off school, students have a great opportunity to voyage across the globe and experience new cultures. Melanie McCoy (12) will be spending about a month travelling across Europe for a senior trip. “In August my best friend and I are going to England, Scotland Paris, Rome, Prague and maybe Switzerland.” McCoy said. I’m excited to see it all”. 

Summer vacation provides students with plenty of free time and a great opportunity to earn money and prepare for college. Some students are planning on getting summer jobs to earn extra cash for the coming school years. Annika Risser (11) has already started filling out applications for a job this summer. “I would like a summer job, I have started to apply to a few local places, mostly in Fairhaven but I’ve also applied to Target,” Risser said. 

Many students will also be spending their free time being active and training for sports. Sierra Noskoff (11) will be travelling to Oklahoma for the entirety of her summer, ““I’m going to Oklahoma City Oklahoma to train with their sprint kayak team,” Noskoff said.  

Bellingham’s climate and terrain offers a perfect opportunity to participate in outdoor summer activities like, hiking, sailing and going to the beach. Deol said she will be spending her time in Bellingham jumping off the dock, paddle boarding, going to the Fairhaven outdoor movies and hiking. Risser is staying in town for the majority of her summer vacation. “I’m going to spend a lot of time outside with friends, I will most likely do some hiking and lots of running,” Risser said. “I would suggest heading to Mount Baker or even Canada for a day or taking ferrto the islands would also be a fun day trip.  

The summer is the best time to go to the beach here in Bellingham because the summers are usually filled with sunny days. McCoy and her dog Bean will be taking advantage of the nice weather and beaches in the northwest. “I’m going to spend tons of time with my dog and take him to the beach for the first time which is really exciting,” McCoy said. “He’s a rescue so we don’t know if he can swim yet so its going to be really exciting to learn more about him and what he likes to do outside of our house.