Class of 2019 Graduation Information

Rundown of updates and scheduling for upcoming graduation

Sofia Pierson

The Class of 2019 graduation ceremony will be held at Sehome High School’s gymnasium on June 15th at 2:00pm. This will be the first year that Sehome will be hosting its own graduation in recent memory.

On the 15th, the gym doors will be opened at 1:00pm for early seating. “Seniors need to arrive at 1:00 too,” Mike Couto, assistant principal, said. “We will likely have the seniors congregate in the commons in preparation for walking in.” Doors will close at two o’clock for the processional and when the senior class walks in. If guests arrive late they will have to wait roughly 15 minutes until all seniors are seated in order to be seated themselves.

In a senior letter sent via mail, Principal Michelle Kuss-Cybula states, “Balloons, noise-makers, streamers, signs larger than 2’x2’ in the gymnasium, or selfies on stage are not permitted”. The same letter states that caps and gowns are not to be altered or decorated. Gowns also must be returned after the ceremony in order to sign for picking up their diploma.

Each graduate will be given five admission tickets, which will become available after the completion of senior checkout forms. The senior checkout forms include the return of school issued one-to-one devices, getting signed off in both the library and cafeteria, and a locker clean out. Upon receiving tickets, seniors who will not use all their tickets are to return however many tickets they will not need. “We have to know who is and is not going to walk before we can start handing out tickets.” Assistant Principal Marty Atkins said. Extra tickets are dependant upon families returning their unneeded tickets to the school.

Celia Maris (12) states that while she understands the significance of having graduation at Sehome, she wished it would have been somewhere more accommodating as the five tickets are not enough for the amount of family members she was expecting to attend. “I would prefer to have a graduation with more of my family to be there to celebrate,” Maris said, “especially since it hasn’t been held at Sehome in a long time.”

With the new school comes new traditions. This is both the first class to graduate from the new Sehome building and the first class to graduate in the new building. “We were planning graduation in our own campus since we got the approval to build a new building,” Atkins said. “We are really excited to be able to host graduation in our own space.”

With graduation in Sehome’s gymnasium, Couto believes it will make rehearsal go easier than previous years. “The nice thing about this rehearsal compared to the past is that we get to rehearse in the space that we are actually going to graduate from,” Couto said, “Which hopefully means the day of will go smoothly and exactly as planned.”

All seniors, including Running Start students, must attend a mandatory rehearsal graduation on June 14th from 1-3pm. A PTSA tailgate will be held before hand at 12pm with several food trucks. Couto emphasizes the rehearsal is mandatory. He adds that if seniors miss the rehearsal due to the planned “senior campout” the night before, they will not be able to walk.

*Western Washington University will also be holding their graduation on the 15th. Due to this, parking may be difficult and it is suggested families carpool and come early for seating. Sehome administration is currently discussing alternative parking solutions. The Rising Tide will update this post once the alternative parking solutions are finalized.