Triple Tour Time

This year's experiences on the choir, orchestra, and band tour

Sehome’s Chamber Choir performs in Spokane, Washington in Riverfront Park upon the Radio Flyer Wagon. This is on the third day of the tour, in which both Concert and Chamber Choirs were in attendance. "...we saw the wagon, and we saw that the park had pretty good acoustics, and plenty of space for us, so we said ‘why don’t we perform here, that sounds like a good time,’ so that was really fun, it was probably my favorite of our spontaneous gigs.” Spencer Rose, a senior who is a member of both Concert and Chamber Choir, said. Photo Courtesy of Julian Dixey

Blake Zimmermann

Towards the end of May and beginning of June every year, each component of the music department goes on a tour to perform their music for a variety of audiences, as well as attending other arts-related performances in locations along the way. Choir tour took place from May 17th through May 20th, while both Band and Orchestra tours took place from May 30th to June 2nd.

Choir Tour was led by Choir Director Jessica Schlichting, and the 40 attending students went to Seattle, Silverwood Theme Park, Spokane, a few high schools around the state, as well as Gonzaga University. The group attended two plays, those being School of Rock at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and Young Frankenstein at the Spokane Civic Theatre. Choir exchanges were made with both Ferris High School in Spokane and Cheney High School in Cheney. “I liked singing at the high schools, I thought it was fun to share our craft with other people, to see what they had, and being able to collaborate on some cool stuff.” Spencer Rose, a senior in both Concert and Chamber Choir, said.

Choir has been preparing their set for a long time, so students were really looking forward to performing. “This year it felt very smooth. It felt like the students were well prepared and excited to do their best at each of our performances. For instance, when we were singing at the first high school exchange at Ferris High School, I felt like our students were excited to share their music, they were proud of the music they had to share.” Jessica Schlichting, Sehome’s Choir Director, said. “Musically, one of my favorite moments was when we were at Gonzaga, that space was beautiful, we could hear so well. …working with their professor was really neat, because I feel like our group was so professional in that moment in that space. And it was really exciting to see a musical future for everybody, for what they could be doing.”

Band Tour was led by Band Director Craig Snyder, where he and attending students went to Vancouver, B.C. The students had a variety of performances, ranging from an exchange at Blaine High School to a performance on Granville Island in the Market Square Courtyard. The group attended no musical events, but participated in some group bonding experiences, such as laser tag in Richmond and a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. “…we got to see live dolphin shows and walrus training, it was just a really cool experience.” Joey Krantz, a senior member of the Sehome Band, said.

In all the years of Band tours, they have never been to Vancouver, so it was a new experience for the group. “We stayed overnight in North Vancouver, not ever having done that tour before, Vancouver prices of hotels are very expensive, but in North Vancouver I found a little enclave of hotels that were fairly reasonable.” Craig Snyder, director of Sehome’s Band, said. “So we stayed there and it was actually the best thing because it was closer than other hotels, always looking at the logistics.”

Orchestra Tour was led by Kirstin Doud, and the 68 attending students went down the Washington and Oregon coast in locations such as Portland and Lincoln City in Oregon, and Vancouver in Washington. Orchestra performed at 8 different elementary schools throughout Washington and Oregon, in cities like Everett and Centralia. The attending students also got to visit the University of Portland as well. “…my favorite part was when I went swimming in the ocean. It was really cold, but also really fun.” Isla Hall, a sophomore in the Sehome Orchestra, said.

Some of the elementary schools got some really special experiences. “I would say one of the elementary schools was awesome,” Kristin Doud, director of the Sehome Orchestra, said. “The second to last one, two of my kids had asked the administration if they could have confetti guns or torpedos. And so they went off and the kids in the audience went berserk and it was pretty awesome.”

Whether it be Choir, Band or Orchestra, each student in each music department gets the opportunity of a unique travel experience each year, accompanied by their closest friends.