Year in Review

Looking back at this year's biggest trends

Year in Review

Alaina Burrows, Reporter

Through this 2018-2019 school year, trends, challenges, clothing brands, and TV shows have swarmed the halls of Sehome high school. If we take a step back and look into past years of trends, many really made some memories and impacts. This year we really hit that woah button on some new trends to catch up on.

In a poll at Sehome, some of the favorite trends are coming back. We can all agree that some new fashion trends have really sent us back some decades: scrunchies, mom jeans, and layers. Walking through the halls, counting on wrists, most of the female students had a scrunchie on their wrist.

Along with fashion, we have to tie together the look with shoes. Shoes are essential to a person’s outfit and at Sehome the most popular brand of shoe worn by students are vans. “Vans go with everything and are really comfortable,” Emily Gaven (11) said. Although also loving to wear Birkenstock vans takes the cake.

Now with this outfit where do the Sehome students like to eat. In the poll we took, students are very diverse in where they like to go eat. Thai food and fast food seem to be the move for students, with something quick to eat students love grabbing food from pipeline and if they are looking for something nice, Thai is the easiest and best tasting for the youth.

Nobody likes a spoiler and having such a big new movie like end game come out caused some major drama on the internet, social media and word of mouth. Avengers End Game was by far the number one movie chosen for Sehome students who took the survey. Out of 64, 16 being the highest number, Avengers was the highest scoring movie.

Now where do these spoilers get spilled? Maybe the one note collaboration space? At Sehome with the new No Phones Policy, using social media is less common and students find themselves using the one note collaboration space instead.

One note collaboration space and snapchat taking over the classroom. People at Sehome prefer to use these two social medias. “The one note collaboration space is such an inclusive platform because we all love it and care for it,” Sarah Hageman (11) said.

Coleman Brummel (11), wearing a full Nike outfit at school, fits the trend of Nike being one of our top brands at Sehome. “Nike is really comfortable and their running shorts go with everything,” Brummel said.

Skylar Sadousks (11) wears a scrunchie on her wrist almost every day. She likes that there are lots of fun colors and styles to wear so it can go with everything. “I got this scrunchie from amazon for really cheap,” Sadousks said. Scrunchies are cheap and a great way to make an outfit.

Maryellen Burfiend (11) wears the classic white vans to school most days. She likes wearing them because they can go with everything and are simple shoes.