The Moms of Sehome: An Inside Look at Madame Morrison

Margaux Mongue

This Mother’s Day, most students celebrated their moms. At Sehome, lots of teachers and staff members are moms, and their hard work is very inspiring.

Happy Mother’s Day! Brimmer, Keller, Christopher and Sonya Morrison get together for a family photo, “both of my kids seize the day, that’s something I appreciate about them” Morrison said.

“I live vicariously through my kids,” says Madame Morrison who has been teaching for almost 11 years and married for four before having her two kids. Her son, Brimmer, has just finished his freshman year in college and her son, Keller is a sophomore at Sehome.

After they were born, her outlook on teaching, learning, and life completely changed.
According to both of Morrison’s children, she is a very loving and supportive mother. “I love that she is always there for me and pushes me to be my best self,” Brimmer said.
“It has definitely shifted over time,” Morrison said, “but I am very lucky because I have a husband that is very supportive.”

It is critical for Morrison to spend a lot of time on preparation for school, giving feedback and having lessons planned well, but having kids helped her learn to keep a balance. “I’ve had to learn that it’s okay sometimes to give myself a break” said Morrison.

Becoming a mom for Morrison has led to realizations about being a teacher. “Maybe before I had kids, I just expected things of students,” said Morrison, she feels she has become more attuned to her students in general.
“She cares so much about me and supports everything I do,” Keller said.

“My household is almost a perfect picture of what the most stressed out person could be, and I realize that’s how a lot of students could be feeling,” she said. According to Morrison, it’s been fun to both be at the same school together. Morrison likes that they were open to her chaperoning and helping out. “Being able to have some shared experiences is really fun.” said Morrison.

Brimmer felt like he knew the staff well. “All the teachers knew me, for better or for worse, and I got to have somewhat more access to school,” Brimmer said. Morrison was able to help them find places to practice for homecoming dance battles and other events.

Having Brimmer move out for college led to even more household shifts. “Its been calmer, we definitely eat a lot less food,” Morrison said. However, Brimmer enjoyed the meals. “Her cooking was really good,” Brimmer said. But nonetheless, as life gets a little slower, she now realizes some of the things she had no choice but to eliminate raising two kids, like singing, dancing and socializing. With only one left at home, some of these have returned.  “I’ve been able to get back to be a teacher and a wife,” Morrison said.

For Morrison, her kids are a constant reminder that she is also human. “I appreciate getting feedback from my kids, whether it be them telling me that they appreciate the support or thanking me for not getting mad,” Morrison said.

To Morrison, being a mom and teacher has its ups and downs but there is so much to learn. Learning is a huge part of her life. “My kids and all my students are teaching me that it’s important to remember to keep passion in your life. I am able to see the wonder through younger people’s eyes,” Morrison said. Perhaps that’s why Morrison’s positivity is so contagious.