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Good Times in Badminton

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Do you have a competitive spirit and a need to succeed? Join Sehome’s Intramural Badminton club! This year, 26 teams of two compete against each other, with a tournament at the end to determine the ultimate winners. The co-ed club began on Wednesday, April 17, and takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 AM – 8:15 AM in the Sehome Main Gym. The intramural club lasts for about five weeks. 

As with previous years, Chemistry Teacher Amy Hankinson is in charge of the club. Hankinson is participating alongside her partner, Physics Teacher Mark Toney, as Team Tank. Several other staff members are also participating, including Math Teacher Phil Henoch, Assistant Principal Mike Couto, Social Studies Teacher Robert Burgess, Physical Education Teacher Kristy Van Egdom, and Spanish Teacher Dominic Ghirardini. 

Dana Ruffato
Warming up: Roman Schroyer (10) hits a birdie before his team’s match. Badminton club takes place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 – 8:15 AM in the Sehome Main Gym.

Team Tank, according to Toney, reigns as the three-time second place champion of the beginning division. 

“I like winning. I like being champions. I like it when Hank yells at me for being so bad. And I like it because I like to crush the spirits of children,” Toney said. 

Much to Toney’s dismay, Team Tank’s consistent victories among the novice division in previous years means that they have moved up to the intermediate division this year. 

 “It’s not fair. It’s messed up,” Toney said about Team Tank’s promotion.    

With two different divisions, beginner and intermediate, participants can compete comfortably against people who match their experience level. 

“It’s really fun because you don’t really get to play badminton that often so there’s a lot of people at a similar skill level,” Dana Ruffatto (12) said.  ”No one really takes it too seriously so it’s been a lot of fun so far.” 

According to Hankinson, the participants improve their skills significantly alongside having fun.  

“The kids all get better and Mr. Toney and I get worse– that’s usually how the season works,” she said.  


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