A Starry Night at Broadway Hall

Student Impressions of Prom 2019

A Starry Night at Broadway Hall

Marsaili Morin, Features Editor

Ericson Storey(12) got creative when deciding what he was going to wear to prom. Instead of doing the ordinary, his mother made his tux and painted roses all over it, “I saw Jimmy Page wearing it and I thought that would be a cool idea,” Storey said, “In total, it took about five days [to make].” Storey’s date also had embroidery of roses on her dress that made for a perfect matching couple.

Catching the sun before the night- Taking Prom pictures is a must do tradition before the dance. Rumbidzayi Machiridza(12) took pictures with her friends as the sun came out for some beautiful pictures. “It was way better than Homecoming,” Machiridza said.

Prom is a very American tradition, making it one of the things foreign exchange students look forward to participating in. Rumbidzayi Machiridza(12) had high hopes for what her first Prom would be like, “It was good, I didn’t like the venue though,” Machiridza said, “I felt more could be done to have a feeling that is a starry night.” Though she felt the dance could have more decorations, she did have one statement that everyone could agree on, “It was way better than homecoming, homecoming sucked.”

It is agreed upon by many students that dresses and tuxes are crazy expensive for just one night, so Sofia Pierson(12) took matters into their own hands for getting the dress that they wanted. They bought fabric and got to working on their homemade dress that matched the theme of Prom, “I modeled mine after one I saw online that was $150,” Pierson said, “It took over a week to make.” The product came out beautiful, even though there were some mishaps on the way to the event, “Right before the dance starts my date tells me, ‘Your whole back panel of your dress is ripped open.’” However, that didn’t stop Pierson from having it fixed and being ready to dance within ten minutes.