What to do outside

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What to do outside

Paddle Boarding: Bellingham Bay boarding, grab a paddle and go on an adventure out on the water.

Paddle Boarding: Bellingham Bay boarding, grab a paddle and go on an adventure out on the water.

Paddle Boarding: Bellingham Bay boarding, grab a paddle and go on an adventure out on the water.

Paddle Boarding: Bellingham Bay boarding, grab a paddle and go on an adventure out on the water.

Wyatt Rothenbuhler, Features Editor

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The weather is changing here in the town of Bellingham, which means more activities have opened up. Are you overwhelmed with options, or, honestly, just not sure what to do? The Rising Tide is here to help. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities we recommend.

Paddle Boarding/ Kayaking:

There are plenty of places to paddle board and kayak in Bellingham. For example, you can go to Lake Padden, Lake Whatcom, or for the more experienced, Bellingham Bay. A good place to rent a paddle board or kayak is from Yeagers Sporting Goods. Yeagers Lake Padden rental deals are $22 per hour for a Tandem Sit-on-Top & Fishing Kayaks. And Single Sit-on-Top and stand-up paddle boards cost $17 per hour.




Grab 2-4 buddies and hit the courts. Tennis is a lifelong sport, you don’t need lots of experience to have a good time. Tennis courts are available at Western Washington University, Lake Padden, Elizabeth Park, Whatcom Community College, and many more places. This is a great way to get some enjoyable exercise.



Tulip Fields:

Tulips for Days: Grab a buddy and head down to Skagit County and walk through the vibrant colored tulips.

Tulip Field: Gorgeous purple tulips provide a great photo opportunity for friends and families. These are my captions

Take a road trip out to the tulip fields in Skagit County. The tulips are absolutely stunning this year with their vibrant colors. A gorgeous way to get out there is by driving along Chuckanut Drive. The tulips are super fun to walk through and a great photo opportunity for family and friends.



Take a stroll:

Bourdwalk: It’s a beautiful path to walk along with a great view of the water.

Boardwalk: A different angle above the boardwalk, park your car with a buddy and chat with a view of the water

A beautiful place to walk is the Boulevard in Fairhaven. Walk along the Boulevard and chat it up. At the end of your walk reward yourself with a sweet treat from Woods Coffee Shop. My favorite time to walk on the boulevard is during sunset, the view is breathtaking.




Biking: Go for a ride in the bike friendly town of Bellingham, there are plenty of fun trails to explore.

Take a bike ride. Bellingham is a very bike-friendly town, so there are plenty of areas and trails for partaking in this

activity. Some of the areas people enjoy most are the Interurban, Galbraith Mountain, Lake Padden, Whatcom falls, and Zuanich.

Visit a Beach:

To the Beach: Hangout on the tide flats, walk along the shore, and enjoy a sweet treat from the C-Shop out at Birch Bay

Since Bellingham is located on the water, there are plenty of awesome beaches to go relax at. One of the best is Clayton Beach. Bring a blanket and a frisbee and there is endless sunshine, trails, and tide pools to enjoy. Don’t forget to check the tides! Low tide is the best time to hit this beach. Another fun one is Birch Bay. When the tide is low, and the sun is shining this water is the warmest water north of San Francisco. After playing on the tide flats, enjoy a treat from the wonderful candy shop called the C-Shop.

Go to a Dog Park:

Say cheese: All smiles at the dog park, Duke loves walking along the trails and playing with new dogs.

Bellinghamsters love their pets. If you don’t have one of your own, there are many places to go to get your dog-fix in. Squalicum beach is a great one. This trail takes you from a big open field to the beach, where the cutest four-legged friends run wild. Watch your step 😉 If you want to extend your adventure, there are many other trails connected to this dog park.