Makeup A.P. Testing: Do I Qualify?

What qualifies a student to take a makeup A.P. test?

Makeup A.P. Testing: Do I Qualify?

Hannah Moore

AP testing is just around the corner, beginning on May 6 and lasting until May 17. However, scheduling conflicts and double testing on some days have a few students worried about potentially missing their test or having to choose between taking one test or another. It’s because of these reasons that the college board offers makeup testing, but what exactly qualifies a person for this makeup test?
There are two kinds of qualification that students can fall under in order to qualify for a later test. Students may qualify for late testing either with or without additional fees.  

The College Board website provides a list of ways a student could qualify for taking a free makeup test: 


Academic contest/event 

Athletic contest/event 

Conflict with IB or Cambridge exam  

Conflict with nationally, province-, or state-mandated test  

Disabilities accommodation issues 

Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm 

Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy 

High school graduation 

Language lab scheduling conflict 

Religious holiday/observance 

School closing: election, national holiday, or natural disaster 

Strike/labor conflict 

Student court appearance 

Two AP Exams on the same date and time 


Basically, any academic or athletic conflicting event qualifies a student for late testing without charge. This applies to students going on band or orchestra tours, students leaving for state competitions, or any other kind of contest or event that is related to academics or athletics.  

Other common qualifications for the exam include having two AP Exams at the same date and time. For example, the Spanish Literature and Language test and the Chemistry test are both on May 9, at 8:00 am. Students wishing to take both of these exams may take one on the scheduled day of testing, May 9, and the other on the day of the makeup exam.  

This rule also applies in situations where the student is taking two consecutive tests, and their first test goes long, making them late to the second. For example, the English Literature and Composition test is on May 8, at 8:00 am followed by the European History test at noon. If the English Lit test, for any reason, takes longer than expected and students finish at 12:30, after the European History test has started, they qualify to take the free makeup test.  

Other qualifications for the no additional fee makeup test include emergency illnesses, injuries, tragedies, natural disasters, or alarms. These sudden occurrences that would disable a student from taking their scheduled exam would qualify them for a makeup exam.  

The other boat that students may find themselves in when taking a late test is late testing: with fees. The college board outlines potential qualifications for taking this test on their website as well: 


Conflict with non-AP, non-IB, or non-Cambridge exam 

Family/personal commitment  

Ordering error 

Other school event 

School closing (local decision, non-emergency) 


A “family or personal commitment” is defined as an “act of voluntarily taking on and fulfilling obligations”. The main difference between this kind of commitment and a professional or organized commitment is the voluntary aspect. Example: picking up a friend from the airport versus participating in a debate tournament. 

The non-AP, non-IB, non-Cambridge exams that the list refers to are tests in your everyday classes. Missing an AP exam because of a math quiz does not qualify a student for taking a makeup test without fees, but students are still able to take a makeup test with additional fees.  

For students who wish to take a late test, they will receive a different test from the original. This test is designed to be equal in depth and difficulty to the original exam but it is different to ensure students cannot get the answers beforehand. Students who take the makeup exam will receive the same credit for their test as if they’d taken the original exam. 

If a student does miss their exam, the student must notify Mrs. Shroyer in the main office that they need a makeup exam, who is able to notify the College Board in order to obtain the makeup exam. The test must be administered at a set time and date, similar to the original tests.