Lights, Camera, Fashion!

FBLA and Honors Society plan to host fashion show

Jacob Alexander, Copy Editor

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FBLA and National Honors Society will be hosting a business fashion show in a month at Sehome to help spread awareness about business attire for the youth population.

The mission of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. National Honors society is a group of students who help the community and school in a multitude of ways. FBLA and honors society decided to put on the show on April 25. Co-Director of Communications of honors society Yoshimi Lin (11) and FBLA President Thomas Kanenaga lead the two groups in a combined effort.

“The FBLA fashion show is a fashion show to promote business attire for the younger generations,” Kanenaga said. “It promotes an impactful generation of business minded people.”

The show will not raise money and will be purely for awareness. With most of students only a few years away from college, the fashion show is designed to help promote the business wear the youth generation needs to be educated on.

“As high school students, not all of us know about how to dress for these types of events,” Lin said. “Instead of spreading awareness through pamphlets or presentations, using this method of spreading awareness will allow students to be more engaged in understanding proper attire in professional environments.”

Those interested in getting involved or seeking more information can contact National Honors Society through Angela Desler or FBLA through Jennifer Styer.

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