Sports Highlights

Wyatt Rothenbuhler
Dylan Roberts (12) leaps over Bellingham High School player to get the extra yard. Sehome beat Bellingham 28-21 in this this game. “

Dylan Roberts (12) incredible football player and track star has been playing football for five years, and done track for four years. “I do track to train for football, stay in shape, and to compete at a high level,” Roberts said. His motivation to participate in track is to stay in shape for his main sport football. Roberts plans to attend Linfield College next year and play football for them. “Being awarded the Philip Millard award is my greatest accomplishment within my athletic career,” Roberts said. The Philip Millard award is an award in honor of a former Sehome football player who passed away playing the sport, “I feel honored to have received this award,” Roberts added. Robert’s goals for this track season are to make it to postseason in every event he can and try to make it to state. He runs the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay. His personal records (PRs) are 11.41 seconds for the 100m, 23.87 seconds for the 200m, and 44.15 seconds for the 4x100m relay. Above all Roberts had one thing to say, “I have the best girlfriend in the world”.  


Isla Hall (10), varsity number one singles player has been playing tennis since she was nine years old. “I play tennis because I love to play and it’s as much of the physically challenging sport as it is a mentally challenging one,” Hall said. She is motivated to play by her goal to always improve and the drive to win.During Hall’s freshman year she made it to state in doubles with former Sehome student Sydney Leiweke. They placed sixth at state. “My goal is to go to state in doubles again this year,“ Hall said. Outside of tennis, Hall also does aerial performances. Her favorite aerial performance was when she was 10, “I did an aerial performance when I was 10, it was in front of 300 people,” Hall said. She is also allergic to seven types of food, but her favorite food is a shepherds pie. A Shepherd’s pie is like a chicken pot pie, but instead of a layer of bread it is replaced with a layer of mashed potatoes.


Koa Ostos (12) a state thrower has been throwing shot put and discus since his sophomore year. “I throw to get stronger for my other sports and test myself in the offseason,” Ostos said. His other sports are wrestling and football. Ostos has been Wrestling for six years and playing football for six years. His motivation is knowing what he’s capable of. Last year Ostos improved his PR by 10ft in his first meet of the year. His current PR for shot put is 43 ft, and his current PR for discus is 110 ft. “I hope to compete in state,” Ostos said. He plans on attending Washington State University next year and focusing on his academics. Ostos made one thing clear, he likes food, “My favorite food is noodles,” Ostos said. “I like sauce on my noodles”.


Wyatt Rothenbuhler
At a track meet, Kayla Nygren (12) launches herself into the sandpit. She jumped 13’11.5 for long jump and 28’9.25 for triple jump. “It was a great meet,” Nygren said.

Kayla Nygren (12) triple jump and long jump athlete competes in these events because she finds them fun and loves the exercise. “My motivation is staying healthy and physically active,” Nygren said. She was first introduced to track in middle school, with her sister Aysha Nygren (12). They also participated in All Comers track meets. All Comers is a track event held at Civic stadium that welcomes people of all ages to participate in track and field events. The Nygren sisters have participated in track all four years of high school as well. “I have made it to districts all four years,” Kayla Nygren said. Her favorite meet ever was one freshman year, “It was really sunny and warm out,” Nygren said. Nygren’s PR for triple jump is 30’ 6.25 and her PR for long jump is 14’11.


Lucas Cunningham
Lucas Cunningham (12) stands on the podium after getting second in the 800 at state track. “It was a great experience,” Cunningham said.










Lucas Cunningham (12) of the distance section of track has been running since he was in sixth grade. “I run because I love the community of competitive running and the Sehome distance squad is a really fun group of guys,” Cunningham said. Cunningham switches back and forth between track and cross country depending on the season and really enjoys both. He also took on running because of a knee injury that kept him from playing. “I am motivated by two things, turn left and don’t get last and Coleman,” Cunningham said.


Connor Hoemann (11) plays one of the newest additions to the Sehome sports schedule, Lacrosse. Hoemann has been playing since first grade and loves the sport. “My biggest accomplishment in lacrosse is getting named All Conference last year by our lacrosse league,” Hoemann said. Hoemann also played basketball during his freshman year but now only plays lacrosse. “Our next goal is definitely going to be to win the conference championship,” Hoemann said.


Jack Miller
Jack miller (11) and the rest of the Sehome soccer team run off the field in victory after a win.

Jack Miller (11) is on the varsity soccer team for Sehome and has been playing soccer for 12 years. “Our goal for the season is to be the best team in the whole wide world,” Miller said. Miller ran cross country freshman and sophomore year but stepped away to pursue his passion for the game of soccer. Miller is the team’s voice as he gets to yell at Jon Gunn (12) for not passing during games.


Coleman Brummel
Alex Hochsprung (10) is getting ready for his next set of holes. “It’s going to be a great time and I feel ready,” Hochsprung said.







Alex Hochsprung (10) is on the golf team at Sehome and has been playing for around 12 years. Hochsprung likes the game of golf because he loves the competition it brings. “I play golf because iI’ve always been around the game and it’s super fun to me,” Hochsprung said. Hochsprung also plays basketball in the winter and will continue to do so his junior year at Sehome. “My main goal for this season is to make it to the state tournament which is pretty hard to get to,” Hochsprung said.















Bella Rutledge (11) is on the girls’ golf team at Sehome and is playing her second time for Sehome’s team. “I play golf because I’m not super competitive and I just like to have fun,” Rutledge said. Even though Rutledge plays golf for fun she wants to keep improving so she can meet her goal which is to make it to day two of districts. Last year she only made day one. “A fun fact about me is that I’m kind of new to Washington, I moved from Indiana when I was in eighth grade,” Rutledge said.


Maryellen Burfiend
Maryellen Burfeind (11) and Megan Hall (12) celebrate after a good win.

Maryellen Burfiend (11) is one of the captains of the girls softball team. Burfeind has been playing softball since third grade and really enjoys the game. “I love getting to know my teammates and coming together as a team to win and have fun,”Burfeind said. Burfeind also thinks that softball is a little bit individual as well. “It’s awesome to put the work in for yourself so then you can help your team out,” Burfeind said.








Lukas Delisle (12) also known as NP, is catcher for the Sehome baseball team. Delisle has been playing baseball for 13 years. “I love to compete with my teammates,” Delisle said. Delisle motivation to play is his love for the game and the bond he forms with his teammates. “My favorite memory is beating Anacortes to go to state,” Delisle said. He plan for the season is to go to state again this year and win the whole thing.