Make Way For The Pegway!

The truth behind Sehome's speed demon

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Make Way For The Pegway!

Alec McGreevy, Reporter

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Peggy Fogarty, Sehome’s one and only campus security monitor recently upgraded her mode of transportation. Some know her as a staff member, some view her as a friend, but as many Sehome students now know, Fogarty’s true identity is in that of a speed demon. The seasoned protector of Sehome High School traded her outdoor-designed golf cart for a brand new, fully functional segway to better fit Sehome’s new indoor campus. Peggy and her segway, a.k.a “The Pegway” (courtesy of Amy Brewster, student success supervisor), can be spotted making rounds in the halls of Sehome on just about any given day. With bluetooth activated color-changing headlights, a 250 watt battery that lasts up to 40 miles, and a maximum speed of 10 mph, careless truents and rouge juul-ers no longer have the upper hand they once held.

This new addition to Fogarty’s crime-fighting arsenal doesn’t come without reason. After an ankle surgery last May, the newly constructed Sehome building’s long hallways and multiple flights of stairs presented new challenges to the veteran campus monitor. The multiple school levels made her infamous golf cart nearly obsolete, so Fogarty received a doctor’s note to operate the segway about the premises in order to carry out her job of keeping Sehome students safe, secure, and in class.

“I usually just run over kids’ toes,” Fogarty said, when asked how the segway helps improve her ability to do her job, “It’s not just about chasing kids, it’s about being more efficient. I travel about 13 miles a day.” While, the new building layout has made foot-travel increasingly difficult for her, she believes that the new school was designed in a way that is beneficial to student safety. “The nice thing about this school is that they’re not a lot of places to hide.”

Some students believe that Peggy’s new rig presents more dangers than benefits. “I swear to god she’s going to kill someone on that thing,” Nolan Verret (11) said. She refutes this idea by saying that The Pegway is extremely safe, and that it even contains a function where a beeper alerts her if she exceeds a certain speed.  “I haven’t tried that…yet,” said Fogarty when asked how many kids she can mow down at once.

Besides her golf cart and segway, Fogarty also owns an electric bike, which she referred to as “really bada**”, but she doubts it will ever be used in the school. She also said that Phillip Henoch, Math teacher, tried to convince her to take a spin on his personal hoverboard, an offer which she politely refused. “I was afraid that I’d fall on my head. I’m not so stable anymore at my age of 29.”

While campus security is currently Fogarty’s main gig, she admits that she never saw herself doing what she does today. Before working on Sehome’s campus, she was employed as a behavioral expert for the Bellingham School District for eight years. Before that, she held a variety of odd jobs including bartending and working as a bouncer. Yes, a bouncer.
Although Fogarty never envisioned herself in her current position, she said that she enjoys helping students out in any way she can. She said that she tries to relate to students on a personal level and that she’s just looking out for the best interests of the district, as well as of the individuals. Just how long she will continue to work in Sehome’s halls, she is cannot say. But one thing is for sure: as long as she remains, the Pegway is here to stay.