Stepping up to the plate: Sehome’s Swingers

Nate Southcott

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As the spring season begins for Sehome sports, many students have tried out for the baseball and softball teams. Although there are rarely cuts to the roster, the tryouts are used to divide students into three teams; Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV), and C-Team.

In some cases, the choice isn’t as clear cut. In cases where a player is a better player than is expected of a team, but not good enough to play on the next team up, they can be made a swinger.

“Swingers” is the term given to the players who are part of two of the teams simultaneously. For example, Aiden Harwick-Koolen (9) plays on the C Team baseball normally, but he attended the first JV game, where he stepped in to play when several players didn’t have enough practices to participate.

The practice of putting swingers on the team is not just a baseball practice though. Several other sports also have swingers on their team: the soccer, football and softball teams to name a few.

According to Head Coach Monte Walton, swingers are important for the team in both immediate and long-term ways. During the current season, they assist in making the games run smoothly by taking over score keeping, making pitching charts, and fetching foul balls. This frees up the coaches to do more actual coaching.

In the long run, swingers are the players who will advance faster than others in their grade and will also be more likely to take over as the Varsity players in their junior and senior years. Players are made swingers in order to give them the experience needed to do that.

“We swing them so they can get the extra playing time they need in JV. They develop in JV, come up to varsity and then perform and hopefully do well.” James Meader (12), a Varsity Team Captain said. “I think those guys will definitely swing to JV-Varsity next year because we’re going to be losing a lot of seniors.” Meader added.

Walton also commented on the fact that eleven of this year’s players were seniors and the current swingers would be almost certainly asked to step up to fill in those roles next year.

Swingers are also the backbone of the Junior Varsity team this year, as eight of the thirteen people on the JV team either swing to varsity or are swingers from C-Team.

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