2019 in Music (So Far)

Casey Crocker, Reporter

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2018 was a phenomenal year in music. Some of the best music in 2018 included the funk and R&B album Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe, Astroworld by Travis Scott, or the eerie sounding project Kids See Ghosts by Kid Cudi and Kanye West. 2018 has passed however, and 2019 has arrived. With 2019 comes a fresh start for music and hopeful music fans across the country. This year has already seen a couple of big songs and must-listens that have been compiled in the following playlist. This playlist is in no particular order, its intent is just to showcase some of the best songs so far and give information about each one.

From her 2019 album “Thank You, Next”, Grande released this single Jan. 18th when it debuted as number one on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song is a twist on “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Photo courtesy of Republic Records and Ariana Grande.

  1. ”7 rings”- Ariana Grande: The second single off Grande’s fifth studio album, featuring a reminiscent hip-hop vibe, and lyrics boasting about wealth and luxuries. The title of the song references matching friendship rings Grande and six of her friends bought in New York.  
  2. ”Talk”- Khalid: The lead single off Khalid’s sophomore album. In this song, Khalid laments about a relationship that was moving too fast and lacked communication. The upbeat melodic production of this song provides the listener with a feeling of reassurance that life goes on, despite broken relationships.
  3. “Red Room”- Offset: This dark sounding trap song is a single off Migos’ member Offset’s new album Father of 4. In this song, Offset is reminiscing about his early years growing up in the inner cities of Atlanta Georgia. He speaks about getting in trouble with the law, struggling with drug addiction early in life and his general naivety at the time.
  4. ”Keanu Reeves”- Logic: This is Logic’s newly released single from his unreleased upcoming album Young Sinatra IV. This song was recorded earlier in 2018, but the release was held off by Logic’s record label until early 2019 for unknown reasons. Like many Logic songs this one features a fast melodic beat, mixed with quick and in-your- face lyrics. This is a classic Logic song where the lyrics are meant to “flex” on the listener, but logic does it in his own way with quick transitions and complex metaphors and rhyme schemes.  
  5. ”Mixed personalities”- YNW Melly (ft. Kanye West): This song comes off of Florida rapper YNW Melly’s latest album We All Shine. The song speaks mostly to Melly’s self diagnosed split personality disorder and featured artist Kanye West’s Bipolar disorder. In the song the two compare their disorders with the unpredictable behaviors of former lovers. This is evident in the chorus, with the first line saying “I think I got mixed personalities” juxtaposed with the next line which says “this girl, she got mixed personalities.”
  6. ”MIDDLE CHILD”- J. Cole: This is Cole’s first offering of the new year. In the song, he speaks about being the “middle child” of rap, stuck between the industry’s old and new generations. The song features a catchy brass-like melody mixed with a memorable earworm chorus.
  7. ”Bury a Friend”- Billie Eilish: This eerie single from the young prodigy has a very scary horror movie like vibe to it. From the Halloween like wails of the background music, to Eilishes trance or dream like vocals. Many believe the song speaks of Eilishes struggles with sleep paralysis and night terrors, mostly because she speaks about not being able to move, and the line “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” Could also be a reference.
  8. ”Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored”-Ariana Grande: A sassy and sexy single off Grande’s recent thank u, next album. The song tells the story of Grande meeting an attractive guy at a party only to realize he has a girlfriend.
  9. ”Pure Water”- Mustard (ft. Migos): This is a single from the Atlanta rap trio “Migos” and DJ Mustard. Most Migos songs follow a specific formula, not much meaning, braggadocious lyrics, repeated flows and choruses, unique adlibs, and a catchy beat that provides the backbone of the song. “Pure Water” is no different, it features a high pitched earworm beat, and repeatable lyrics to sing along to.
  10. “Legacy”- Offset (ft. Travis Scott & 21 Savage): Off of Offset’s latest Father of 4 album, this song is a classic turn up the volume head banger hype-up song, much like many other songs made by Offset and 21 Savage. Examples being 2017’s “Bank Account” by 21 Savage, and 2017’s “Ric Flair Drip”  by Offset. If these are songs you like, Legacy is a good song for you.
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