Sehome Spotlight: Q&A with Kirk and Van Egdom

Nate Southcott

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The Sehome Leadership class has had an unorthodox year. Teachers that are new to the class, combining two classes and a new building all presented their own challenges. Nevertheless, leadership is still a well integrated part of Sehome’s community.

Mrs. Kim Kirk and Mrs. Kristy VanEgdom were interviewed to find out what has been going on with the Leadership class and to highlight leadership’s work.



Sehome High School

Sehome High School

Question: What was leadership’s role during the move?

Answer: “[It was Kristy and I’s] version of what the class did before… make our teachers feel supported. Boxed boxes, helped move, touched base with teachers to see if they needed help getting unpacked. Creating a culture for saying goodbye to the old Sehome, and created a culture to be able to walk into the new Sehome without feeling like we’d lost ourselves. It was a steep learning curve for Kristy and I. I wish we could have known what we know now at the beginning of the semester.” – Kirk

Q: How do you help facilitate these roles?

A: “[By] making Leadership a student led class with us being there to guide.” – Kirk

“By assisting our students in building a culture. Facilitating a fun, friendly atmosphere at Sehome” – VanEgdom

The Leadership class made themselves very useful during the move, but not everything went as well as their teachers would have liked.

Q: If you could do the move over again, what would you change about the process or how you were involved?

A: “We forgot to give the one big farewell to the school. I think we did a good job with the gym, but that is the only thing I would change.” – VanEgdom

“I agree, we did a good job with saying goodbye to specific areas (the gym, the art building, the Little Theater), but if we could change one thing it would have been that.”

Despite this gap, Kirk and VanEgdom are proud of their class, and appreciate the help that experienced students have provided while they adapted to the new setting.

They took the opportunity to speak directly to their students. “I think that it’s been a big change for the student, going from past leadership teachers to now. They see room for growth. Thank you for your help in guiding us. Collaborating within each other to come up with the greater good.” VanEgdom said.

When asked for her thoughts, Kirk replied that “Combining the two classes has helped us and them. They rose to the occasion… of dealing with the bumps of transitioning to our teaching style”

The educators were then joined by two of their students (whom anyone that listens to the announcements has heard of). Mrs. Kirk gave them a specific shoutout, not only as students, but in their their shared ASB role of Director(s) of Culture. “To compliment [Thomas and Thomas], they have done a really nice job as our Director of Culture. They’ve really stepped up in trying to increase, not only community, but spirit.”