Valentine’s Day Blues

Valentine Grams have been cancelled

Lily Furlong

The choir has been forced to cancel their annual Valentine Gram fundraiser due to setbacks from the snow days. All students who purchased them will be issued refunds.

“Valentine grams are a fundraiser for our choir tour in which we form groups, select songs, practice, sell the songs, and then perform them for kids around the school,” Melanie McCoy (12) said.

The choir has been distributing small blue hearts with a poem as part of the refund, and as a form of apology.

“It still meant a lot, especially to seniors, who this would be their last chance [to participate]” Misty Garcia (12) said.

The annual event is a long-standing tradition for the school, enjoyed by both students who receive the grams and the choir kids who give them.

The group prepared by discussing in class and deciding on aspects like costuming and choreography, making the presentation as a whole good and reflecting what the group wants their performance to look like, according to McCoy.

“My favorite part is how everything seems to come together in the end. Everyone is so nervous at first but slowly you get to see them come together and gain confidence It makes it all worth it,” McCoy said.

The event will come back next year, likely bigger and better than ever.