We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pool

The Rising Tide Discovers New Sehome's Secrets

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New Pool New Me: Assistant Principal Marty Atkins enjoys a test swim in the newly constructed Sehome senior pool. The brand new aquatics center on top of the Sehome gymnasium will open it’s waters to all seniors in the coming weeks. “The work they put into this pool is really remarkable,” Atkins said.

This past December, after over 50 years of faithfully serving the student athletes of Sehome High School, the Sehome gymnasium finally fell to the ground, and along with it, The Senior Pool on the roof. That’s right, the pool only accessible to seniors, with an exact location known to very few, was demolished. As the old Sehome High School building sees its final days, some of the staff finally decided that it was time to open up about some of Sehome’s most classified and top secret locations on campus.

As far as the pool goes, many mixed reactions were expressed.

“Hella sad we won’t have it anymore,” Remington Schroyer (12) said.

The destruction of the pool saddened many, but others showed much excitement to use the brand new, upgraded, state-of-the-art, tax-payer funded, senior pool that now sits on top of the new Sehome gym complex.

“They’re in the process of building it [new pool], not sure when they’ll be done. It’s going to have a much better filtration system and more equipment than the previous pool. You should see the amount of time and effort they’ve put into this,” John Mongue (11) said.

Many of the faculty members came across very enthusiastic about the construction of the newly finished swimming amenities..
“Yeah, I’ve been watching them build it. I have a perfect view of the new senior pool from my desk,” social studies teacher Mark Kerr said.

Others shared their concerns.

“The biggest problem with the pool is the drainage due to the downslope. We don’t want flooding in the new building,” Assistant Principal Marty Atkins said. Atkins said that his favorite memory of the senior pool was the staff party of ‘97, where the English department teamed up to toss the principal into the pool. “The biggest challenge for construction at the moment is filling in the tunnel that runs from Sehome to Western.”

Similarly, Peggy Fogarty, campus monitor, had nothing but fond memories of the pool.

“It’s unfortunate no one could view it. My favorite part was that it was on the roof,” Fogarty said. She then went on to reveal that there is a hidden teacher spa and lounge on top of the library roof, adding, “Why do think we always look so fresh?”

Some staff members are going as far as to taking matters into their own hands to make sure important elements of the old campus are not lost forever.

Lonnie Schang, art/ceramics teacher, was sad to see the old pool go, stating “I swim there every other day. Though I might not be a senior, I swim for free because I’m a senior citizen. I’m actually starting a GoFundMe to get a hot tub on top of my new classroom. And we’re going to cut out my parking spot and move it to the new building.”

Of course, the pool isn’t the only thing that the seniors will miss. Some of them shared their thoughts on what they’ll be sad to see go, and what they’re looking forward to on the new campus.

“It’s too bad that the underground senior parking lot has to go too. It was nice always having a place to park,” Schroyer said (12), “but I hear they’re adding a new one as soon as they can.”

Other students had much different priorities to look forward to on the brand new campus.

“I heard they made an exact mold of the bio bathroom so kids can still fight and j–l in the new school,” Max Hurtig said (12), “really groundbreaking stuff.”

Learning of all of these staff and senior secrets, one had to wonder just how aware underclassmen were of all these highly confidential secrets that appear to be common knowledge among upperclassmen. Apparently the seniors have done such a substantial job of covering their pool tracks that underclassmen don’t even believe in the mere existence of said locations.

“The pool isn’t real,” Sky Caron (10) said when asked about her knowledge concerning the senior swimming pool.

From rumors of possible government testing, to conspiracy theories about synthetic lunch meat, no one truly knows just how many secrets and cover ups Sehome has come to hold in its walls and pass through its halls over the last half century; but as the old school sees its last days of use before it inevitably becomes a pile of rubble, the students are reminded of just how much history lies in the foundation of the beautiful, caring, and asbestos-ridden environment known as Sehome.

And while many of the seniors seem unhappy to have to let their special pool and other fun places become a distant memory, many look forward to the coming school and what new secretive locations will be included on the new campus for the seniors in years to come.