Choir, orchestra and band hit the road

The music groups were excited to travel on their annual tours

Grace McCall, Allison Meyer, and Henry Huck

This year, choir went to Seaside, Oregon for their annual tour. Olivia Hampton (12) was looking forward to hanging out with her friends in choir. We hung out on the beach,” Hampton said, “took pictures, sat around a fire pit and sang songs till like 12 a.m.”

They left Friday, May 18 and returned Monday, May 21. Choir sang at schools, and in public on sidewalks.

“We were gonna sing in the capital,” Hampton said, “but there was a protest going on so we sang outside of the capital.”

Caitlin Bertelsen (12) agrees that the beach was the most exciting part of the trip. “We had a bonfire,” Bertelsen said, “it was really fun.”

Later, band headed to Spokane, Wash. for their annual tour. They left Thursday, May 31 and returned Sunday, June 3. Before leaving, Emily Newcomer (11) was looking forward to hanging out with her fellow band students. “We don’t usually all just get to hang out together,” Newcomer said. “I’m also excited to play laser tag.”

The band did a number of activities in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This included laser tag, performing in Silverwood and downtown Spokane and visiting an amusement park.

Sean Powell (10), was excited to go on the park rides and hang out with friends. “We’re gonna play at a podium I think,” Powell said, “and hang out in town.”

Many students have great stories from past tours. “We called Alec [McGreevy (10)] to our room at one a.m, I threw up and they filmed me.”  Max Hurtig (11) said.

Hayden Neverdahl (11) remembers sharing memorable moments with his friends on the porch of their hotel.

Alex Kelsh (12) recalls that his hotel freshman year had blood stains on the carpet and smelled like cigarettes. “Band tour is a wonderful bonding experience that gives us a chance to take a break after a year of hard work,” Kelsh said.

Band wasn’t the only group that got to celebrate. This year, orchestra went to Whistler, British Columbia for their annual tour. Before leaving, Emily Little (11) was excited to see the Vancouver Symphony perform. “We’re playing at eight elementary schools the first day, seeing the Vancouver Symphony the second and watching Mamma Mia the third,” Little said. “It’s very fast paced.”

The orchestra left Thursday, May 31 and returned Sunday, June 3. Jenny Cooper (10) is a sophomore and was looking forward to the trip, it being her first time on orchestra tour.

“I really want to do an escape room, it’s one of the options we have.” Cooper said. Although Cooper was excited to see Canada, she wasn’t looking forward to passing through the border.