Choosing a favorite grade

After 12 years of schooling, seniors decide which of the years was the best

Serena Keenan, Editor

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With 12 years of schooling under their belts, seniors have gone through good years and bad years. For most people, their last year has been their favorite. “Senior year has been my favorite grade,” Emily Tsan (12) said, “because this year I have matured more and become aware of my future.”

Maria Frazey (12) agreed. “I had the freedom to follow more of my interests and had good friends,” they said.

Many seniors also thought that junior year was the best. “Things were straightforward and fun,” Tadeusz Pforte said, “and the seniors of 2017 were a great group.”

However, for some seniors, middle school was the best. Alex Payne (12) liked eighth grade because of his teachers and the California science trip. Tallon Ellsworth (12) also preferred eighth grade. “It was the best year of my life,” he said, “the most fun I’d ever had in school besides Anatomy class.”

For approximately 30 percent of the seniors, elementary school was their favorite. Kelsy Bryson (12) thought fifth grade was the best. “My teacher was awesome and she had us build go carts,” she said. Andy Werner  (12) liked third grade the most because of his teacher.

Chart by Brynn Añorbes and Arielle McFarlane, reporters