“Without Warning” Review

The best and the worst of the collaborative album

Ayo Akinrade, Editor

“Without Warning” was released by 21 Savage, O set and Metro Boomin, and the album was tting for its release date: Halloween. e album was completely produced by Metro Boomin and is very consistent with his production. It opens up with a bold and piercing jam, “Ghostface Killers,” featuring Travis Scott. Each rapper pulled through with impressive verses. Both 21 Savage and O set feel very complimentary to each other for the entire project. With only 10 songs and 33 minutes total, you would expect to get a short and sweet album but you would be disappointed. e album starts o strong, but neither O set nor 21 Savage are able to keep bringing something new to the table in each song. “Darth Vader” is the last song on the album and feels very lackluster. e album ends with a “pew pew” instead of a “bang”.