New ASB takes charge

Meet your newly elected ASB for 2015-16


First row, left to right: Katie Layton (10) junior representative, Amy Taylor (10) junior representative, Raegan Meggyesy (10) secretary of student affairs, Jaren Tilley (10) junior representative, Eric Newcomer (10) junior representative

Second row, left to right: Bianca Pulisevich (9) sophomore representative, Sarah De Roy (11) senior representative, Jeffrey Werner (11) senior representative, Connor McGreevy (11), Zach Williams (11) ASB President, Jakob Garfinkle (11) secretary, Kyle Wong (11) senior representative

Not pictured: Jenny McIntyre (11) senior representative, Hannah Holmgren (11) Vice President, Henry Han (11) treasurer, Nathan Carroll (11) secretary of student affairs, Lauren Dodge (9) sophomore representative, Drake Kirby (9) sophomore representative, Brimmer Morrison (9) sophomore representative

Next year’s ASB was recently elected to office. And it is now time to get to know the important parts of their personalities; you know, important stuff like how long they think they will survive in the zombie apocalypse and whether they’d eat a bowl of cockroaches for $20,000.

How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Williams: “To the very end.”

Layton: “A few days. I would find somewhere good to hide with a stockpile of food, but once the food ran out I would just die.”

Taylor: “A couple days. I’d hide and I’d be able to run away really well, but something would happen. I’m not sure what would happen, but I would die somehow.”

What’s your spirit animal?

Williams: “A sloth.”

Layton: “A pika. I’m not as cute as one, but they like to live in mountains and hibernate, just like me.”

Taylor: “A red panda. They are small and cute, but also shy.”

McIntyre: “Koala.”

Williams: “Lets say a lemming.”

De Roy: “A goat, I’m curious and stubborn and I try to be clever.”

Han: “I feel like my spirit animal is a hedgehog.”

Tilley: “I’m really an elephant.”

Dodge: “Orangatang.”

Would you eat a bowl of cockroaches for $20,000?

Williams: “No- if crickets, yes.”

Layton: “Yes, because $20,000.”

Taylor: “No, because that just seems really unhealthy.”

What are you looking forward to most about being on ASB?

Kirby: “Trying to make positive changes in the school.”

McIntyre: “Being able to plan fun things for the school, and just being involved.”

Williams: “Ranging for better and more interesting and attractive events, such as dances and prom.”

De Roy: “I’m most excited to be a part of decision making, seeing what goes on behind the scenes and having a say.”

Taylor: “I’m probably most excited for prom, I was on ASB before but since I was a freshman I didn’t get to do much.”

Carroll: “I’m excited to bring more school spirit to Sehome.”

Wong: “I’m excited to represent the senior class.”

What’s your favorite candy?

Kirby: “Reeses, but I don’t like that they’re made from child labor so I feel bad buying them, but I do it anyway because they taste good.”