Top events of 2014

Colby Behrndt, Reporter

  1. Hoverboard: Tony Hawk pranked the world with his fake hoverboard in March, and then a real(ish) hoverboard by Hendo Hoverboards also was shown and got $510,590 in funding on Both a real hoverboard and a fake hoverboard were shown this year.
  2. Robin Williams passed: The legend behind Good Will Hunting and Aladin has passed.
  3. Ebola Strikes West Africa (and the USA): Twenty-four cases outside of West Africa hit in September and over 20,000 more cases hit West Africa.
  4. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears: Two hundred and thirty-nine people died in the most mysterious plane crash of the 21st century.
  5. Russia Annexes Crimea and Threatens the Rest of Ukraine: In February, Russia invaded Crimea and took it from Ukraine.
  6. Net neutrality: Nearly 4,000,000 people signed petitions for net neutrality.
  7. Super Bowl – Seahawks win: Denver Broncos were massacred 8 – 43 against the Seahawks
  8. Ice bucket Challenge: Millions of people poured buckets of ice on their head, for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  9. Potato Salad Kickstarter: Zach Brown posted a kickstarter wanting $10 for potato salad, but he ended up getting $55,000. He hosted a potato party with the money.
  10. Flappy Bird: Although released in 2013, its fame came in 2014 when it was taken down from the app store by the developer saying “I cannot take this anymore” when it got too popular.