Kerr incites school-wide sorrow

Many tears have been shed over the loss of Mr. Kerrs flowing locks

There are many things that represent Sehome’s gung-ho spirit, from our mariner mascot to our green and gold colors. But none are as iconic as Mark Kerr (social studies)’s hair. Kerr’s hair arrived here many years ago in 1990 when he first began teaching social studies at Sehome High School. Nobody knows where it came from, but one thing’s sure, it’s not leaving.  Kerr generally sports two styles; the long “Gandalf-ish” hair and the short “Andrew Garfield”.  Much like the seasons change from summer to fall and trees grow and shed their leaves. Come October Kerr’s hair does the same “It grows long all year and then October comes and I cut it, then it grows and again in October, I cut it,” Kerr said. However it wasn’t always this way, it wasn’t until 1999 that he started to grow it out and a tradition was born. At the moment Kerr has his hair cut short as he is at the beginning of a new cycle. But regardless of this cycle students everywhere become distraught over his loss of hair  “It makes him look empty, like he’s not really there anymore.” Sydney C. (9) said. “Long hair definitely suited his personality best. It’s free flowing. It’s like liberated, you know?” Ian W. (12) said. “It’s like it rained and his hair went from majestic lion to soaked kitty”. Liana P. (11) said.

Mr. Kerr’s Hair, circa Sept. 2014
Mr. Kerr’s Hair, circa Sept. 2014
Mr. Kerr’s Hair, circa Jan. 2015
Mr. Kerr’s Hair, circa Jan. 2015(11) said.

When taking a poll of his fifth period class an overwhelming majority said his luscious flowing locks were their favorite. When asked what he likes better Kerr said  “short hair because it’s easier”. It’s a lot of hassle to have longer hair.” He also says he doesn’t brush it but rather shampoos and conditions and hand-combs it. For those who like his long hair it’ll be a back couple of months but can find solace that much like birds migrate back in warmer weather, Kerr’s mane will return.